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It is most correct to follow the dietary recommendations compiled by the Soviet nutritionist M.I. Pevzner, who developed more than 20 types of lansoprazole pills, covering all diseases of the digestive system.

Patients with GERD are recommended to undergo a diagnostic examination every six months. Particular attention should be paid when determining gastroesophageal reflux disease in children. Take care of yourself and be always healthy! Patients with complaints of heartburn and discomfort during the passage of prevacid 30mg pills through the esophagus are diagnosed with GERD. What it is? This abbreviation stands for gastroesophageal reflux disease. This is a fairly common disease in gastroenterology, which has a chronic course, requiring long-term, and in some cases lifelong treatment, which improves the quality of life of the patient and serves as a prevention of complications. The code for GERD according to ICD-10 is K21.

Bile reflux into the stomach and then into the esophagus is possible - in this case, they speak of duodenogastroesophageal reflux. With them, the alkaline content of the twelveduodenal ulcer (this is lysolecithin, trypsin, bile acids). Such refluxes are possible when the pyloric and esophageal sphincters fail and the contents of the duodenum enter the stomach and reach the esophagus.

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In patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (mainly the upper sections), the reflux of duodenal contents becomes permanent and causes more severe esophagitis than acid reflux. There is also evidence for the role of duodenal reflux in Barrett's esophagus. This formidable complication of GERD is considered as a disease with a high risk of transition to adenocarcinoma of the esophagus.

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Occurs in 5% of cases. Separately, functional heartburn is considered - a condition in which there are symptoms, but there are no changes in pH-metry and changes in the esophagus. Reflux esophagitis is detected during endoscopic examination, therefore, according to endoscopic classification, there are. Simple (catarrhal) esophagitis. Erosive. Ulcers of the esophagus.

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Non-erosive esophagitis, despite the absence of changes in the esophagus, as mentioned above, has a high prevalence and significantly affects the quality of life of the patient. Esophagitis resulting from reflux may be superficial, catarrhal, and erosive. Superficial reflux esophagitis is characterized by minimal mucosal changes. The main endoscopic sign that characterizes superficial esophagitis is the opacity of the mucosa, which is associated with initial changes in it. Catarrhal reflux esophagitis is manifested by hyperemia (redness) and looseness of prevacid online. Catarrhal is the most common form of esophagitis.

There is a direct relationship between the age of patients and the degree of erosive esophagitis. In addition, it is known that erosive reflux esophagitis is more common in biliary and mixed refluxes, and if they are very frequent and prolonged, the severity of prevacid lesions of the esophagus increases. This form of GERD is difficult to treat and often recurs.